Gather Creatively

I have memories of lugging camera gear up the sun bleached side of a steep trail overlooking a California beach, of standing outside the bay doors of a sound-stage as the sun came up struggling to stay awake having spent the whole night tearing down a movie set, of spending late college nights adding tiny graphite marks to a still life on a massive illustration board, of airbrushing for 12 hours in the 90 degree summer heat continuously wiping the sweat from my eyes and drinking a too-warm cola.

I have been an artist in some form or another for as long as I can remember. Artist is part of who I am and when I’m among other artists I am home, I am with my tribe. I don’t need to over explain myself, I don’t get a blank stair in return after sharing my thoughts. Among artists I can be myself,
mostly myself.

I have memories of arriving late slipping into the back seats while the third song was ending, of being surrounded by mingling attendees, of the stage fright feeling that comes with that dreaded question, “so, what do you do?”, of slowly building connections, of Bible studies, and Panera Bread meetings.

I have been a believer for over two decades now. I knew among believers was the place I should belong. It was not quite home. I was continuously seeking a place where I could speak the language of Faith & Art together. A place where artists and believers could GATHER CREATIVELY.

In LifeSpring, I found that place.

Sure, we are imperfect people. We still have our difficulties and misunderstandings but here at LifeSpring things are one step closer to home. This tribe will engage with my unconventional ideas.

I now have memories of two art shows that brought together local artists, and their incredible unique works of art. Of black and white photography adorning the walls guiding us toward the sanctuary pointing to the anticipation of advent, of a basement full of people painting a huge Christmas Star canvas, of building a cardboard army tank 4th of July float that doubled as a maze, of watercolor paintings of the parables as children’s book illustrations.

It’s been an exciting journey so far. Great things have happened, but we are not finished yet. I found my place here. What will your place be? What can you imagine?

Let’s work together to build something new, to build a place for folks to gather. Let’s Gather CREATIVELY.