Life Equipping Class

About the Life Equipping Class

LifeSpring Equipping Class is a connecting community committed to biblical discipleship. We welcome the authentic you, come as you are. We are a people who want to follow Jesus on a deeper level in a safe environment. Utilizing a rotation of teachers our goals include encouraging one another in the faith, developing our spiritual gifts, equipping leadership and meaningful application of scriptural truths.

It’s not an accident that we find ourselves wanting to belong and be known; God designed us that way. He created us for relationships. In this class we will actively pursue community with each other because we believe connecting to each other is a priority in the life of a Jesus follower. This group will be filled with imperfect people and we aim to grow together in how we might serve and love each other as we explore the Bible.

What is Spirituality? We will be studying Jesus’ Farewell Discourse in John 14-17 taking a look at Jesus’ last words about what it means to be spiritual. Taught by Terry Erickson.