Celebrate Christmas & The Advent Season at LifeSpring!

Advent. The world means coming. Waiting for something to happen that has not happened yet. So why do we use Advent when he refer to the Christmas story – events that have already transpired?

During the season of Advent we wait for three comings: the coming of Jesus in the manger when we remember what took place in the past, we look forward to Christ’s second coming and the Kingdom He will usher in, and we long for the reality of Christ in our lives.

Some years it seems that Christmas sneaks up on us. In the busyness of life with family and friends, sometimes work or school or even life’s difficulties, we miss it – we miss this season of anticipation.

When that happens we lose something. We lose an opportunity to grow closer to Christ, to enlarge our hearts and to calibrate the compass of our lives towards heaven.

This year to help us prepare our hearts for Christ, we are going to look at Advent through the eyes of an old saint who waited for the coming messiah during troubled times. Isaiah spoke to a people who would not listen, he showed the Word of the LORD to a people who would not see.

But Isaiah’s prophesy has been presented so that those who are willing to listen will hear and those who see will comprehend. Seeing Advent through the eyes of Isaiah might be just the thing we need to experience the longing for Christ’s presence to grow in our lives.

Here is my prayer for us this season: on hearing the Word, may we understand, on seeing, may we perceive. May the Spirit God quicken our hearts so that we will turn to Christ and be healed walking in the light of the Lord.

– Cabot Ashwill, Senior Pastor

Hope – Dec 1, 10:00am

Your invited to Advent Week 1 as we focus on the theme of Hope.

Faith – Dec 8, 10:00am

Your invited to Advent Week 2 as we focus on the theme of Faith.

Christmas Madrigal – Dec 10, 7-8pm

Your invited to join us for a special Christmas Madrigal Concert.
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Joy – Dec 15, 10:00am

Your invited to Advent Week 3 as we focus on the theme of Joy.

Love – Dec 22, 10:00am

Your invited to Advent Week 4 as we focus on the theme of Love.

Christmas Eve Candlelight Service – Tue, Dec 24, 4:00pm

Your invited to our special once a year Christmas Eve Candlelight service! Join us as we spend time in song, learning and focusing on Christ’s birth.

For the month of December through Christmas we will be posting a daily Advent verse on our facebook page. Hop over and like our page to see the daily Advent verse.

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