Christmas Eve Service

December 24 at 4:00pm

Advent at LifeSpring

How far did Jesus travel to get to Bethlehem? (I know you are thinking Mary & Joseph traveled to Bethlehem) – but Jesus was there too! 
We know the distance between Nazareth and Bethlehem – about 150 km. But . . . what is the distance between heaven and earth? And what is the cost for the Son of God to become man? 
This Christmas season we are exploring Advent thru the eyes of Jesus’s beloved disciple John. Thru John’s gospel and letters we see that reality is not confined to the physical and that the greatest power in the universe surpasses the universe. 


God is greater than His creation, yet He entered what He had made in the person of Jesus. As Mary traveled to Bethlehem, her Maker lay in her womb. This is an amazing story about light in the darkness, about the love of God and the conflict of man. It is a story of hope and opportunity of new life. I hope you will gather with us this Christmas season as we explore the miracle of the incarnation thru the eyes of John. 


Pastor Cabot Ashwill