Place to Gather

Lifespring is building a place to gather that will bless the neighborhoods, schools, & families in the greater Richmond Spring Grove Community.
Two Photographs of people breaking ground and speaking to a crowd at the Place to Gather groundbraking ceremony

What if…

What if the local church was the heartbeat of the community? Not only for church on Sundays, or limited to church events. What if the local church was the place people in the community wanted to come to gather?

A place to learn, play, serve, and just hang out.

LifeSpring Church and Community Center will be a place in the community where local residents come to gather. It will be a place where people come when there is a natural disaster either in their lives or throughout the community. The purpose of the facility, simply put, is to make disciples of Jesus Christ while at the same time blessing all the community.

2 Questions

What do you love about our community? What does our community need?
The Place to Gather campaign centered around asking these 2 questions. Click here to share your answers with us.

Your Questions & Feedback

Do you have any questions about the Place to Gather project? We would love to be able to connect with you. Is there any feedback you would like to share with us regarding the project? We want to hear your insights. Click here to share your questions or feedback with us.

Our Plan

In order to best meet this vision, we are listening to the needs of the community through forums, surveys, statistics and conversations with many people. We are collaborating with the Villages of Spring Grove and Richmond as well as businesses, service organizations, schools and other churches.

Because LifeSpring Church and Community Center will be highly visible and represent Christianity in our area, we want the project to be a warm, aesthetically pleasing, highly functional and well-maintained facility. Visitors will be warmly welcomed. While the facility is meant for all people, LifeSpring is unapologetically Christian, committed to the Scriptures and what they contain.

Site Location

The site is located at Route 173 and Siedschlag Road. We are excited about the possibility of LifeSpring Church and Community Center being located at such a visible and central location. This location will draw folks from Antioch, Richmond, Spring Grove, McHenry, Fox Lake, Johnsburg, & more.

Proposed Site Design:
Our proposed site design for Place to Gather
(The above pictured site design is not final)

Concept Architectural Elevation Renderings

These are current elevation concept renderings of Place to Gather. These elevations include current and future phases.

(The above elevations are not final)

Place to Gather Project Team:

Owner: LifeSpring Community Church
Project Manger / General Contractor / Developer: TCH Development
Civil Engineer: Gewalt Hamilton Associates
Architect: Newman Architecture
Surveyor: Vanderstappen Lands Surveying, Inc.
Septic Design: Infraland Consulting, LLC
Landscape Architect: Hitchcock Design Group
Well Consultant: Joseph Huemann & Sons

Progress Updates:

We Broke Ground! Community members and LifeSpring attenders came together on the property for the Groundbreaking Ceremony.

At the village meeting on Sept 1st, Place to Gather was APPROVED by the Village of Spring Grove!

LifeSpring is on the agenda for July 15th, for one of the two Village of Spring Grove meetings where we are seeking final approval for the Place to Gather PUD (Planned Unit Development).

Received approval for full access, for entry & exit to the property, off of 173

Place to Gather Celebration Luncheon, celebrating all that has been accomplished thus far, along with information updates & new people joining the cause.

Awarded our first grant for $9,000 from the Oldham Little Church Foundation for Sanctuary Chairs!

Required Tree Survey Completed & Association Team Formed

Lumberjack Fest and land clearing work

We gathered together for the Place to Gather Back to School Fest in order to raise funds for a community playground and walking paths at Place to Gather!

First campfire gathering on the Property

LifeSpring hosted a Place to Gather update and luncheon


LifeSpring hosted our first Place to Gather 5K on the property in order to raise funds for a community playground and walking paths at Place to Gather!

Place to Gather 4th of July float in the Spring Grove 4th of July parade.

Summer 2018
Begin working with engineers and architect, developing the site plan

Kick-Off Celebration on Sunday morning at Lifespring

June 2018
Purchased land

April-May 2018
A dedicated core group of leaders pray and make Commitments to the Place to Gather Campaign

April 2018
Sermon Message series focusing on Place to Gather

March 2018
Engaged with the community at the Spring Grove Business Expo, seeking community needs, “What Can You Imagine?”

Spring 2018
Listening to the needs of the community through forums, surveys, statistics & conversations

Initial plan presented to the Spring Grove Village Board

Vote & decision to pursue land development

Late 2017
Found the land that would later, officially become the land-site

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