LifeSpring Creative Group

LifeSpring Creative Group

A place for our faith in the arts, and a place for the arts in our faith.

At LifeSpring we value artists, because God values artists. We believe artists and creative people can enrich our church body. God is the original artist. All creativity, art, imagination, and beauty come from and were created by Him. He created all things from nothing (John 1:1-5). We create within His grand creation.

The Bible itself is a work of art and within its pages you will find skilled artists and works of art. You can read about textiles, sculpture, craftsmanship, dance, music, story, etc…

The arts can be powerful in communicating the good news of Jesus Christ within LifeSpring Community Church. They can also help spread the Gospel message to our community and the world.

If you are an artist, or a creative person please come and join us. We are very excited to see what God has in store for you, as you grow in your craft and in your faith. Keep in touch via our LifeSpring Creative Group Facebook page.