Covid-19 Virus Response Policy
Last updated: March 22, 2020

Important: Circumstances are changing rapidly. This policy may be updated from time to time to reflect that reality.

The Covid-19 virus has prompted government to enact “Shelter-in-Place” as of 5pm March 21, 2020.

LifeSpring Community Church has already stopped physically meeting on Sundays and encouraged all small groups and other gatherings to either stop meeting or to meet via an online venue like Zoom.

In addition to these constraints, LifeSpring Office staff will now meet via online venues. All other non-essential functions that take place physically will be suspended until the Shelter-in Place is lifted with
three exceptions.

First, the Shelter in Place provides an exemption for “Educational institutions, for purposes of facilitating distance learning, performing critical research, or performing essential functions.” LifeSpring will facilitate “distance learning” by producing online Worship Service facilitated by the Worship team, pastor or speaker and film crew. We will keep the number of those involved to the minimum and practice physical distancing while we are doing the work. This work is important for the mental and spiritual health of many people.

The second exemption would be to work with service providers and partners in the local community to assist in providing essential human services. The church facility might also be used for these purposes.

The final exemption is to perform funeral services in the event of death although wherever possible, we encourage a memorial service instead that would take place after the Shelter-in-Place is lifted.