June 12, 2020
Dear friends at LifeSpring,

On Sunday June 21 we will be resuming our Sunday services in person at LifeSpring!

Many of us have been looking forward to this day when we can once again be together. In the short term, these services will look considerably different than they have in the past. Sunday service will be prerecorded for the first few weeks while we work out the details necessary for filming and posting on the same day.

We will also be allowing a limited number of people to join us for our Thursday recording beginning Thursday, June 18. Thursday will also be a bit different than our traditional Sunday services because we are still working out the bugs of recording while worshipping live.

During this transitional time, we ask for your understanding and grace. A tremendous amount of effort has gone into all these changes. Within a few weeks we expect to be meeting and recording on Sundays while still providing an online Sunday worship experience for those not yet ready to come back.

There are a few things we will need your help with as we return. The state of Illinois and the Center of disease control are still asking that people maintain a distance of 6 feet from one another. Where that is not possible, they are asking that we wear a mask.

Recognizing that many people in our congregation would strongly prefer not to wear a mask, we have created space in the sanctuary that complies with this six-foot requirement. We are also maintaining a 12-foot distance between the congregation and those singing up front. However, it is not possible to maintain the distance requirements in our lobby and hallway. When you are in the lobby or hallway, we are asking that you wear a mask.

Some of us are okay with handshakes and hugs. Others are not yet ready for those forms of friendship and affection. While you are in the building at LifeSpring during service, we’re asking that you refrain from handshaking and hugging. We hope this will not be a long-lasting request, but for now we believe this complies with the advice given by health officials and the regulations of the state.

There are other guidelines for reopening posted on our website (scroll down to the next section on this page). Once again, we are asking that you graciously support us in this area. It is not easy to balance freedom and safety. It is also difficult to balance the sometimes-competing health needs we have physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We have tried to do so with love.

Over the last several weeks as we’ve been apart, I have realized just how much we need each other. I am really looking forward to seeing you.

In faith, hope and love,
Pastor Cabot

Guidelines for Reopening and Returning to LifeSpring:

We have created a pdf with our full “Guidelines for Reopening and Returning to LifeSpring Community Church”. These guidelines include how we are preparing the building and what to expect while attending a service along with info related to volunteers, children’s church and more. Please take a minute to review them if you are planning to attend an in person service.